Reza Faizbakhsh


Reza Faizbakhsh

2003 - Policy and Planning

Final project

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Shrimp Culture Production and Strategies for shrimp Development In Iran (case study Boushehr Province)

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Short Bio

Phd. in Aquaculture Technology from the Malaysia (Kualalumpur). Part Time. 2000-continued and finish 2007. M.Sc. in Marine Fisheries Bology from the Univeristy of Iran-Tehran. 1989-1993. Certificate in Experimental design in Agricul from Iran-Tehran (F.A.O). 1993-1993. Certificate in Fisheries Planning development from Japan (JICA). 2000-2000. Certificate in Shrimp management from the Iran-Bushehr (F.A.O). 2002-2002. Certificate in japanese Language from the Japan (JICA). 2000-2000.