Dr. Kai Lorenzen

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Kai Lorenzen

United Kingdom

Short Bio

The guest lecturer for the 2012/13 six month training of the UNU Fisheries Training Programme is Dr. Kai Lorenzen. Dr. Lorenzen is a professor in Integrative Fisheries Science at the University of Florida. Dr. Lorenzen is interested in addressing complex fisheries management problems through interdisciplinary science. His research integrates quantitative ecology with human dimensions and engages closely with management initiatives. He has recently focused on assessing and improving the use of hatchery and habitat enhancement and restoration measures in fisheries management. He also conducts basic research in fish population biology. Other interests include the conservation of aquatic resources in agricultural landscapes, design of aquaculture systems, domestication effects and interactions between cultured and wild fish, and the epidemiology of fish diseases.


  • Ph.D., Applied Population Biology, University of London, 1997
  • M.Sc., Biology, Keil University, 1993