Dr. Jingjie Chu

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Jingjie Chu


Short Bio

She is a natural resource economist at the World Bank. Her main expertise is on fisheries and aquaculture economics and policy. At the World Bank she is in charge of West Africa Regional Fisheries Project in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Lately, Jingjie has been working with a joint team from the Universities of Florida and Washington developing Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs), to determine how fisheries management systems are performing in order to achieve community, economic, and ecological sustainability. She is accompanied in Iceland by Dr. Taryn Garlock. She is a postdoctoral research associate in the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Florida. Her main expertise is in fisheries and aquaculture management. Together Jingjie and Taryn will introduce the main concepts of the Fishery Performance Indicators, demonstrate their outcomes in actual settings and discuss some application possibilities.


  • Ph.D., Environment and Natural Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island
  • M.Sc., Environmental Economics and Policy, Peking University