Title: A course in fishing gear technology

Final project
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Supervisors: Gudbjorg Palsdottir


The objective of the project is to develop a syllabus documenting training materials that are relevant to the fisheries sector in Malawi. It will be used hand in hand with a trainer’s guide. It is a guide to the learning objectives that need to be delivered along with the suggested assessment methods. The content of this syllabus deals with the fundamentals of designing, constructing, and assembling fishing gears, fishing gear materials and accessories, rope work, net repair, principles of operation of fishing gears, classification of fishing gears, net braiding, interpretation of fishing gear schematic diagrams and/ or plans, efficiency and selectivity of fishing gears and the electronic aids to fishing. It also covers students’ assessment and evaluation, course evaluation, lesson planning, schemes and records of work, and resources. The resource has been developed at the United Nations University (Iceland) in consultation with supervisors and fellows in the speciality of Fishing Technology. To a larger extent, information gathering has been through literature reading, the print media, lecture notes and personal experience in the field of Fishing Gear Technology accumulated over the years. The resource will bring about change of attitudes in participants, develop skills and reduce the knowledge gap in the field of fishing gear technology.

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