Title: A critical appraisal of the strategy and stricture of the Fishermen's Association in Malaysia

Final project
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Supervisors: Helgi Gestsson
Malaysia; Fishermen's Association;


There is a strong belief in Malaysia that the Fishermen's Association is a potential vehicle for Malaysian fishermen to rely on. This study examines the role and performance of the Fishermen's Association in Malaysia. Strategic models are used to evaluate the economic and strategic performance of the Fishermen's Association and to analyse the connection between their strategy and external market circumstances, the association's internal resources and competitive capabilities.

The paper also addresses the extent and the sources of competition from rivals in the fish brokers industry in Malaysia. It evaluates the part of the Fishermen's Association not competing in that market and analyses how the internal strength of the Fishermen's Association plays a part in influencing the competitiveness of local fish brokers in Malaysia.

Strategic planning analysis was used to evaluate the present situation. For the evaluation of the economic and strategic performance secondary data and both qualitative and quantitative analysis was used in this study and as a result, there is evidence to suggest that the strategy of the Fishermen's Association needs to be revised to develop further. Approaches to increase competition and new methods to amend adverse effects of rivalry are put forward at the end of the study

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