Title: A critical view of the fish processing sector in Mauritius with particular reference to seafood safety and quality assurance

Author(s): Parmanand Daby
Final project
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The fishery industry is subjected to challenges of seafood safety and quality assurance due to differences in food standards within and between countries. The purpose of this study is to identify the weaknesses and constraints of the present quality assurance system and find measures necessary to enhance quality and safety of fishery products in Mauritius. An overview of the fish processing sector gives an insight into the shortcomings of the industry, the legal framework, competent authority and the quality control system in place. Comparison between the Mauritian quality assurance system and the Iceland shows the importance of the legal framework in the management of seafood safety. There is need for a conceptual change in Mauritius from the traditional quality assurance system to modern food safety and quality assurance methods. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system is recommended as a seafood safety management tool. 

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