Title: A freshwater aquaculture demonstrations and training centre in Chokwe, Mozambique: A business plan

Final project
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freshwater aquaculture; training center; Mozambique; profitability assessment;


The aim of this study was to write a business plan for the operations for a Freshwater Aquaculture Demonstration and Training Centre that will be built in the Chokwe district in Mozambique. This will provide managers of the centre, donor organisations and possible investors with a tool to determine the profitability of the investment, its operational feasibility and to monitor the centre’s performance. The study anticipates the operational needs of the centre, the basic operating requirements, its marketing possibilities and the possibility of further cooperation with donor organizations. Only the feasibility of the aquaculture operations is considered in the study but neither the training courses nor the research lab operations. The data used was based on values and estimates from Mozambique or deduced from information from similar operations in other countries. In order to achieve the study objectives a profitability model was built to analyse the data. Two scenarios were considered, model A where the profitability of the operations was assessed over 10 years of operations, and model B, where the operations were assessed over the same period but a three year donor financed subsidy of fingerlings was assumed. The result obtained from the profitability assessment of the business models shows that it is possible to make the operations of the centre economically sustainable, reduce inadequate return on the investment and can help the leading institutions better assess the viability of future aquaculture projects.

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