Title: A Model of traceability of fish products for the domestic market in China based on traceability studies in Iceland and China

Author(s): Lanlan Pan
Final project
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Supervisors: Margeir Gissurarson
traceability; China; Iceland;


This paper suggests a model for traceability of fish products on the domestic market in China. The model is based on a review of available concepts and standards on traceability and the current situation of traceability. A field study was conducted in a fish market and a processing factory in Iceland to evaluate how traceability is secured at these locations. Results from the evaluations were compared to studies of the supply chain and traceability procedures in China in order to identify issues that threaten fish product safety and to suggest improvements of the supply chain. In addition, recommendations regarding the batch, the batch code, the recorded information and recalling are made for development of regulation for traceability in Chinese domestic market to regulate the fisheries industry. Furthermore, recommendations on how traceability can be implemented on the domestic wild fish market are suggested. The model of paper-based code system includes the product labelling, the record of information and the evidence for tracing the product, to implement traceability system in the different stages of the supply chain.

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