Title: An appraisal of the Fisheries Data Collection System in Saint Lucia

Final project
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Supervisors: Einar Hjorleifsson
data collection; Saint Lucia; data management;


As a result of the changes that have occurred within the fishing sector of Saint Lucia over the last few years it has become necessary to review all of the mechanisms that are utilized for the management of the fishery. As part of the overall review process, a critical look needs to be taken of the current data collection management and analysis procedures within the Department of Fisheries. This study aims to examine the data management system of Saint Lucia with a view to determining its effectiveness and efficiency. Close attention was paid to the various processes and procedures with a view of addressing any weaknesses that may exist. Data from 1995-2010 were analysed during the study. It was then determined that the data management system of the Department of Fisheries in St. Lucia consists of all the basic elements that allows it to serve the purpose for which it was set up to perform. However, in order to strengthen the unit’s capacity to carry out its mandate, the adoption of the recommendations made are recommended.

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