Title: An economic and production assessment for ornamental fish production in Jamaica

Final project
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Supervisors: Pall Jensson
economic analysis; ornamental fish; Jamaica;


Ornamental fish production is a popular and financially viable business in many countries all over the world. Jamaica being a tropical country possesses the ideal environment and several other advantages that would support such a business. However, while small-scale producers often lack the capital or access to the capital, larger investors and financial institutions are uncertain of its profitability or the possible return on investment that can be expected. Hence this project entitled is designed to facilitate identification of adequate farm size and production output needed for a profitable business, the expected return on the investment as well as the level of risk. The methodology utilized was to develop production and economic assumptions through literature review, field visits, questionnaires, and telephone interviews with ornamental fish producers in Jamaica as well as the Aquaculture unit in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. These assumptions were then used to design both models. Based on the results from the model, using an investment of 22.5 MJMD to produce five species of fish is a profitable business that will produce a pay back in 9 years and Internal Rate of Return of 21%. The business would however be sensitive to reduction in sales price and increases in production cost.

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