Title: An environmental approach to inland cage culture in South African dams

Final project
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Supervisors: Thorleifur Eiriksson
South Africa; dam; aquaculture;


The expansion of aquaculture, to meet the national objectives without compromising the integrity of the environment, is achieved through application of proper management strategies. The current study investigates the potential environmental impacts associated with the introduction of cages in inland waters of South Africa. Through a literature review and visitation to Icelandic farms and government institution dealing with aquaculture, recommendations and guidelines were made. The guidelines provide suitable methods to implement models to monitor environmental impact. The Dillan and Rigger model forms the first basis of capacity estimation, while water quality and sediment analysis are crucial for ongoing monitoring of cages. The use of benthic invertebrates as bioindicators and simulating their abundance, diversity and biomass to environmental impacts serves as an indication of detrimental effects.

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