Title: Analysis of new trawl design for the Namibian Hake fisheries

Final project
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Supervisors: Einar Hreinsson


In this study a four panel mid-water trawl was designed with the aim to improve the current design and also to improve catchability of hake in Namibia. The behavioural patterns of the hake as well as the existing trawl design were taken into account while designing modifications to be used in the new trawl. The new design has a larger net mouth opening as well as dual functionality as a bottom and above-bottom trawl. The design was theoretically tested through use of various formulae and previous scientific data collected in trawl design. A blue print of the new proposed trawl was designed in 2D with AUTOCAD 3DMAX (V.23). The preliminary theoretical results of the study portray that the new design can be an effective and efficient substitute for the trawl currently used. Sea trials for the new design are recommended to confirm these preliminary results.

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