Title: Analysis of survey data of Nemiperus japonicus found along the west coast of India

Final project
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Nemiperus japonicus; India; general linear model (GLM);


An attempt is made in this report to evaluate the spatial distribution of Nemipterus japonicus, found along the west coast of India with the aim of improving understanding of existing patterns of distribution. The main objective of this study is to understand the variability in the survey data collected over the last 10 years as well as to make use of the GLM in R-package to quantify some of the explanatory variables accounting for explained variability such as year, month, time, space, towing speed, depth etc. on the response variable, that is on the expected catch of the fish. The more comprehensive method (GLM) used in the study would provide more reliable estimates of catch rates than the traditional averaging method. Environmental factors such as temperature, salinity, and oxygen are basically responsible for spatial and temporal distribution of the fish. The inclusion of these factors in the GLM analysis would further enhance the reliability of the estimates. This should be a concern in future surveys.

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