Title: Analysis of training needs for the development of policy and planning for Fisheries Commission, Ghana

Author(s): Hayford Gameli
Final project
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training needs assessment (TNA); Ghana;


Public services all over the world have set up structures and procedures for the training of public servants. This calls for training needs assessments (TNA) to separate training from non-training activities. Training needs assessment (TNA) is a process in gathering information about types of training needs required for an organization such as the Fisheries Commission. It is believed that without TNA, there cannot be any meaningful training in an institution and also, it becomes difficult to tailor training activities to the needs of staff. This can help donor agencies or the Commission to identify and fund needed training programmes. The main objective of this study is to analyse training needs of Fisheries Commission, Ghana and to identify the gaps for continues support through various means. In analysing training needs, a questionnaire was designed and sent through the Director of Fisheries to regional, divisional and unit heads submission to the staff to complete. This was mailed electronically and out of a total of 193 staff who were sampled for the study, 32 percent representing 62 respondents returned (respond rate). In addition to the administered questions were interviews with subject specialists and a review of the relevant literature. Findings show the identified knowledge and skill needed by the institution and staff at the Commission. It also identified possible short and long term programmes which could be included in the curricula of teaching institutions in the country to boost local content for future delivery of fisheries related knowledge and skills.

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