Title: Artisanal purse seine design improvements suggested for Mozambique fisheries

Final project
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Supervisors: Einar Hreinsson
purse seine; Mozambique;


This study deals with improving the Mozambique artisanal purse seining for small pelagic fish (sardine, trachurus and anchovy) on 8 to 12 m vessels. Artisanal fishermen in Mozambique to catch small pelagic inshore species have used purse seines. The current fishery is inefficient and needs to be improved to increase income in fisheries. This study was conducted in order to enhance the knowledge within artisanal purse seining and to strengthen the present institutional capacity in the field. The paper presents behavioural and technical aspects regarding design of artisanal purse seines, technical analyses of an example of existing purse seine and proposed modification. Using larger mesh and increasing ballast could improve calculated sinking speed. Introducing the use of a purse seine line can reduce manpower (divers) and shorten the closing time. Further mechanization of the vessels (manual or motor driven winches) is important for the further development of artisanal purse seining in Mozambique.

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