Title: Assessing the effectiveness of co-management in the artisanal fisheries of Sierra Leone.

Author(s): Alhaji Lamin Daboh
Final project
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co-management organization; community management association (CMA); Sierra Leone;


This study examined the effectiveness of community level fishery co-management organizations called Community Management Association (CMAs) along three coastal regions in Sierra Leone: the Southern, Northern, and Western regions. CMAs were established to ensure sustainable fishery management through increasing the level of community participation in the administration of fisheries laws and regulation by the fishers. Data were collected from 10 CMAs along 4 Marine Protected Areas. Descriptive and inferential analyses were performed using excel and R statistical package. The results indicate that CMAs are successful in formulating bylaws, resolving conflict among fishers and sensitization meetings on hygiene promotion at the wharfs. It was evident that fishers and processors are aware of fisheries bylaws. Nevertheless, high violation rates were observed in some regions, suggesting some CMAs have limited impact on fishers’ decisions to comply with regulations. Analysis suggests the failure to comply may be due to lack of adequate financial and logistical support for MCS operation, making them unable to control illegal fishing in their areas of jurisdiction. The results also suggest that the formation of CMAs have ensured successful implementation of co-management in the three regions. CMAs are successful in activities that are social in nature, but most have performed poorly in functions related to enforcement of illegal fishing and generating sources of revenue.

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