Title: Bioeconomic analysis of the flyingfish fishery in Barbados

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The flyingfish is synonymous with Barbados (‘land of the flyingfish’), its heritage, and its culture, and is by far the most valued fish species harvested by Barbadian fishermen. In 2007 the fishery had an estimated ex-vessel value of $3.6 m BDS and an estimated overall value of $37.5 m BDS. This rather short lived species is available for harvest for only about seven months of the year during which time fishers must make full use of their time and efforts to reap maximum economic benefits from the fishery. The flyingfish is part of a shared Eastern Caribbean stock and as such there are no management systems in place either nationally or regionally for this fish stock. In order that Barbadians continue to enjoy the benefits derived from this fishery there must be an understanding as to the economic yield potential of the fishery and a strategy to manage it in a sustainable manner. This study uses a simple bioeconomic model to aid with the analysis of the fishery and recommends that specific management objectives for the flyingfish fishery be outlined in the Fisheries Management Plan with respect to research, management options for the harvest sector and continuous training and education of fishers, all geared towards achieving maximum economic benefits through a well-managed fishery.

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