Title: Comparative study on the efficiency of three different types of crab pot in Iceland fishing ground

Final project
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Supervisors: Jónas P. Jónasson
comparative study; crab pot; Iceland; China; catch per unit effort (CPUE);


A fishing trial was carried to evaluate the efficiency and performance of 3 pot types, Conical, Carapax and a New type imported from China. The trial was carried out at different depth across 24 sampling station in Kollafjordur Bay in South Western Iceland. Results from the trials proved that the New pot type is more efficient than the two others tested as evidenced by higher catches across all the sampled stations and also at various depth (5-28m). Also catch per unit effort (CPUE) was higher in the New type pot as compared to the other types. The escape gap in one of the tested pot (Carapax) was ineffective as it was not able to release smaller sized crab due to its small opening. There was no remarkable difference in the soak time of 48hr and 72hr, but it is recommended that 48hr be used to avoid entrance of starfish which were the most common by-catch encountered in the trial. The New type pot was more efficient than the others in this trial and also handles better and occupies less space on deck.

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