Title: Developing a traceability system for fish factories in Iceland and Tanzania

Final project
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traceability; Iceland; Tanzania; European Union (EU); fish processing;


This study was done to improve the Icelandic and Tanzanian traceability systems by developing an IT based traceability system. From the point of view of marketing fish products on the European Union (EU) market, the relevant EU regulations and standards were reviewed in order to get an overview on what regulations on traceability the factories in Iceland and Tanzania aiming at exporting fish products to the EU are faced with.

A field study was carried out in Icelandic and Tanzanian fish processing factories to study the current traceability systems. The traceability systems from reception of raw material to the point the product is dispatched were followed and studied, including how the information is recorded and registered in each link. Information relevant to the traceability of products in the factory was then analysed for the purpose of designing a digitised traceability system. The results are the designs of traceability systems for the factory in Tanzania, Bahari Food Ltd., and the factory in Iceland, Tros Ltd.

The design will be used in the implementation stage, which involves writing the programs for the systems which will be in the second phase. It was concluded that it is high time for Tanzania and the developing world to have an IT based traceability system as they provide information which will make the fishing industry meet, not only market and regulatory demands, but also produce products in the most efficient way.

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