Title: Development of fish inspection manual for upstream quality control for inspectors and observers

Final project
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Supervisors: Margeir Gissurarson


This project endeavours to compile a fish inspection manual based on EU regulatory requirements. The compilation of the fish inspection manual is to improve the present shortcoming in the inspection system in Liberia with regard to the inspection of fish and fish products, to ensure sanitary control, harmonise the inspection system and provide tool to guide the inspectors and observers work when conducting an inspection. The inspection of fish and fish products in Liberia has lot of shortcoming which include the lack of an inspection manual to guide fisheries inspectors and observers when conducting an inspection, no fisheries products regulation and fisheries inspectors and observers lack training or skill in quality control and safety for fish and fish products. The preparation of the inspection manual for upstream quality control and safety for fish and fish products took into consideration the Icelandic inspection manual which fulfils the EU legal requirements. In this regard, the Bureau of National Fisheries should consider the use of this inspection manual to adjust or improve the inspection system and the contents of the inspection manual when drafting the fishery products regulation and the field inspection manual.

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