Title: Effect of devolution of governance powers from state to county government on fish farming enterprise in Laikipia county, Kenya

Author(s): Martin Mutuga
Final project
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Supervisors: Sveinn Agnarsson
Kenya; devolution; Laikipia County;


Kenya is operating under a new policy framework under devolution of governance. The fisheries department was one of the functions whose governance was devolved from the national government and placed to the county government. This study sought to find out how devolution of governance powers from state to county government affected the aquaculture enterprises in Laikipia County. An assessment on production, inputs availability and use were carried out. The challenges faced by fish farmers and opportunities in the aquaculture value chain arising because of devolution were identified. The study also sought to know how fish farmers’ organisations were performing in the devolution era. The study shows the effect devolution on aquaculture enterprises in Laikipia county has primarily been negative. Production has declined over the devolution period due to high cost of production resulting from unavailability of fingerlings and fish feed locally. This has been primarily due to withdraw a lof government subsidies and declining extension service provision. However, the objective of devolution, enhancing public participation in decision making, is being achieved. Aquaculture has a bright future especially for educated youth and when communally practised, better returns have been realised.


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