Title: Estimation of microbiological and chemical variations in minced fish processing of Atlantic pollock (Pollachius vireos)

Final project
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Supervisors: Ingibjorg G. Jonsdottir , Ingibjorg Rosa Thorvaldsdottir , Jarmíla Hemannsdóttir
Atlantic pollock; microbiological; fish processing; minced fish; Iran;


The objective of this study is to look into the microbiological and chemical variation of minced fish processing from Atlantic Pollock (Pollachius vireos. L). Samples were collected from raw material on a processing line and also from whole fish prior to mincing. Measurements on microbial load (total and H2S producing bacteria, total and faecal coliform) were performed and also chemical variation was measured (protein, fat, TVB – N, TMA, pH and moisture). The effect of storage was studied and samples taken from mince product stored frozen at – 30 °C.

Lean fish is suitable for mince production. Minced fish is more susceptible for microbial spoilage that whole fish due to greater surface are of minced fish. Strict hygiene standards must therefore be applied in mince production. Storage conditions of -30 degree seem to be good for minced fish to maintain high quality. The quality evaluation (microbiological and chemical variation) for mince fish after frozen stored showed after 50 days was acceptable.

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