Title: Evaluating and developing a market-driven value chain that provides high quality fresh fish products for the local market in Antigua and Barbuda

Final project
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Supervisors: Thorgeir Palsson
value chain; Antigua and Barbuda; supply chain;


The domestic seafood supply chain in Antigua and Barbuda has being a vital source of viable protein intake for decades and has rewarded its actors with satisfactory level of profitability. But in recent years this profitability has dwindle severely and adversely affect the livelihood of many fishers. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to critically evaluate the current supply chain and assess the feasibility of adopting a more market driven value chain to combat the current ills experienced. While some fishers experience relative prosperity, others are suffering from low revenue, post-harvest losses and bottleneck of their products on the market. Questionnaires were utilized to extract primary data from the various players in the supply chain to identify the root causes of the challenge experienced by fishers. The survey highlighted failure of transmission of market signals from attractive consumer segments as a possible explanation for these challenges. It also indicated the possibility for domestic fishers and processors to secure competitive advantage and maximise profits through value adding and higher processing activities such as fillets, cutlets, slicing, smoking and salting. The also identified snapper and groupers as most ideal species to implement these value added initiatives as possess the highest level from a basket other demersal species. The financial prerequisites to establish a market driven value is also present throughout the various marketing segments. This paper also prescribe applicable recommendation from successful example of value added initiative implemented in both develop and developing countries.

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