Title: Evaluation of the potential institutional inefficiencies, effectiveness and level of quality in authorisations of marine aquaculture farms within the current marine aquaculture legal framework in South Africa.

Author(s): Vuyani Krala
Final project
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Supervisors: Kári Friðriksson
marine aquaculture; South Africa; institutional inefficiencies;


The main purpose of this research is to evaluate potential impediments to the effectiveness and efficiency of aquaculture authorisations regarding issuing of aquaculture licenses or rights, permits and other relevant approvals in the South African Aquaculture Industry. If there are such impediments, it will be assessed whether they are a result of the current legal framework or because of a failure in the existing respective and responsible institutions. The survey was conducted through telephone interviews using research questionnaire surveys in the study area. A marine aquaculture survey was distributed to the South African Marine Aquaculture Industry and new applicants in Marine Aquaculture via e-mails, then follow-up interviews were conducted to wrap-up the survey. Possible solutions to the problem are envisaged to improve the authorisation processes and systems by replacing the hard copy application forms with online applications in the relevant institutions and departments. Uploading of supporting documents and developing the online database tracking system, streamlining and integrating the authorisation processes with inter-departmental connected permit and license processing systems.

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