Title: Future management and rehabilitation of Maputo fishing port in Mozambique

Final project
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Mozambique; IUU Fishing; Maputo Fishing Port; rehabilitation; reconstruction;


The extensive coast supporting diverse fisheries makes Mozambique a sensitive place for illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. In marine fisheries, the issues are various illegal fishing activities such as illegal trawling, lack of enforcement of regulations, and unlicensed fishing. Trawling is common along Mozambique’s sandy-bottomed coast, and foreign trawlers are reportedly operating within as few as 12 miles of the Mozambican coastline. In order to achieve the sustainable development of the fisheries sector, management of fishing port facilities is an important issue. Currently, no landing charges or levies are collected from Maputo Fishing Port, the port is not properly maintained and is in serious deterioration. In fact, the industrial wharf of Maputo Fishing Port does not even meet minimum sanitation and hygiene standards.

This project analyses and discusses the rehabilitation of the industrial wharf in relation to the improvement of Maputo Fishing Port, with the aim to recover and improve the functions of the fishing port. In the implementation of this project, it is assumed that donors provide grant aid for re-construction.

This project also discusses how and why fishing ports and institutions can adapt to a changing environment.

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