Title: Incorporating artificial feed with live feed (Artemia) in Marcrobrachium rosenbergii post larval shrimp production.

Final project
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Supervisors: Olafur Sigurgeirsson
Macrobrachium rosenbergii; live feed (artemia); artificial feed.


This paper investigates the incorporation of artificial feed with live feed (artemia) in the early stages of Macrobrachium rosenbergii post larval production in Saint Lucia. Special focus is on reducing the costs of live feed. Experimental protocols have been designed to be carried out back in Saint- Lucia using a recirculation system set up to test various types of artificial feed, both local and commercial, in combination with live feed. Information has been studied and documented to gain overview of current practices with respect to M. rosenbergii post-larval production in Saint Lucia and abroad. It is shown that there is a room for improvement in the current processes involved with post larval culture in Saint Lucia compared to what is being done abroad. Currently, live feeds are not prepared and enriched with essential nutrients like lipids and vitamins. Prepared diets are also lacking many of the essential nutrients needed for good larval growth and survival. Many artificial diets still do not perform as well as using artemia. Artificial diets have recorded survival rates of 40-50%, where live feed diets (artemia) have survival rates upwards of 62-70%. This work aims to improve economic aspects of Saint Lucian Hatchery operations, particularly when it comes to reducing the costs of live feed used in the production of M. rosenbergii post larvae.

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