Title: Increasing stability and operational performance of multi day fishing boats in Sri Lanka

Final project
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Sri Lanka; deep sea; vessel design;


The deep sea fleet of Sri Lanka has been expanding rapidly. The vessels are manufactured in 48 boat yards which make fibreglass boats according to plans approved by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development. The design of the boats shows little variation, except in length. Common length is 12-15 m. A template was made to analyse existing deep sea fishing boats in Sri Lanka. It addresses basic issues regarding vessel design, construction and operation. A general hydrostatic software (GHS) was used to calculate hydrostatic data and to analyse vessel stability under various operating conditions. A power prediction software (HydroComp NavCad 2013) was used to analyse both hull resistance and propulsion parameters which help to establish an efficient trim and corresponding optimum speed for better fuel economy and performance. The template an analytical tool for vessel modifications and design. In this way, a boat can be modelled and analysed for stability, resistance and propulsion by governmental institutions, boat yards and designers. It will help to ensure safety at sea, establish better operation and service life of single vessels, and improve the general condition of the national fleet.

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