Title: Investigation on traceability of fish products in Iceland - A traceability study for fish processing industry in China

Author(s): Junrong Liu
Final project
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From the point of view of marketing frozen fish products on the EU markets, the relevant EU regulations and standards were reviewed in order to get an integrated overview for the enterprises in China who are aiming at exporting fish products to the EU markets. A field study was carried out in an Icelandic fish processing and marketing company, to study the quality management or own check system of the Icelandic fisheries industry with emphasis on the traceability system. Data relevant to the traceability of products in the Icelandic Group were collected and compared with the TraceFish standards. The TraceFish standards are the outcome of an EU funded concerted action project "Traceability of Fish Products”. The results show that the standard for captured fish is both practical and realistic for the frozen cod distribution chain in Iceland. It was concluded that the standard is a suitable scheme to ensure an efficient traceability system in a distribution chain of frozen fish products. An exporting company in China was taken as an example to study the status of traceability in the distribution chain of frozen fish products exported in China. The improvements of labelling in some links in a distribution chain in China are recommended based on comparison with the TraceFish standards for traceability. The quality management system in the Icelandic Group was also used as a reference to advise on the improvement of the current situation in China.

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