Title: Management of Octopus fisheries off southwest Madagascar

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Octopus fisheries are important at the southwest coast of Madagascar. Fishermen traditionally dried and sold octopus in the local market. Recently, an international company has developed a new lucrative market for the octopus. It has led to an increase in the value and exploitation of this species. Increase in fishing intensity has resulted in an over exploitation of the stock. The aim of this study was to find out the current situation of the fishery and the possibilities for economic improvement for the fishery. A bio-economic model developed by Arnason was used to describe the fishery. The model has calculated the profitability of the fishery and the state of the stock. The results from the fishery indicate that actual fishing effort (no. of fishermen) is about three times more than required to earn maximum sustainable economic benefits from the octopus fishery. There is no management in place so this indicates the need of a fisheries management system. Several types of management are proposed to alleviate the fisheries and community fishing right will be likely appropriate to this fishery. This report also will study the possible implementation of this community management.

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