Title: Management of the Deep-Sea Fishery of Namibia Orange Roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus)

Final project
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Orange roughy; Namibia; management policy; sustainability


The management of the Namibian orange roughy fishery by quota management has a very short history. Despite the fact that the orange roughy fishery is not a large sector it has accumulated significant profits, in economic terms, for both Government and industry. Nevertheless, if long-term plans are put in place it could do more than that. This paper explores the success of the existing management policy. The main objectives of this paper is to design an improved orange roughy fishery management policy in order to ensure that the orange roughy resource is utilised in a manner consistent with the principle of long term sustainability and promotion of social welfare. Due to the short history of the fishery, it was not feasible to estimate the sustainable yield although it was discussed. Assumptions were made to estimate profitability, cost of harvesting, and expected revenues and a set of recommendations provided to facilitate the process for refining the orange roughy management policy.

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