Title: Marine fisheries resource management potential for Mackerel fisheries of Cambodia

Author(s): Puthy Em
Final project
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mackerel; Cambodia; maximum sustainable yield.


This paper estimates the maximum sustainable yield, virgin stock biomass and maximum economic yield of the mackerel fishery in Cambodia. Schaefer and Fox used the bio-economic, surplus production and biomass dynamic to determine the optimal utilisation of mackerel stocks. The estimated MSY is equal to 5,876 tonnes with an optimum level of effort corresponding to approximately 152 boats. The virgin stock biomass is at a level of 15,467 tonnes. The maximum profit and economic rents is estimated at US$ 2 million per annum. The paper examines alternative policies to reduce fishing effort in the inshore waters of Cambodia and improve the capacity of fishing vessels in offshore areas. The discussion emphasises initiating a cooperation policy between countries in the Gulf of Thailand for a cooperative management regime for the (residential) migratory species of mackerel. Therefore it is urgent to carry out a regional policy.

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