Title: Modification of small scale purse seines for Indonesian fishermen: A case of Sulawesi fisheries

Author(s): Khairudin Isman
Final project
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Supervisors: Einar Hreinsson


This study considers small scale purse seines in the Gulf of Bone Indonesia using seines of 300m long. The project identifies requirements in terms of net length, net depth, net enforcements, wings-end, buoyancies, ballasts and sinking speed of the gear. The study is based on a literature review, collection and evaluation of data from seiners of Gulf of Bone and was conducted to enhance the knowledge within fishermen and to strengthen the educational institutions. In this study, it is shown how the net’s dimension, ropes, net twines, rings and sinkers can affect the performance. The findings of this project can also be used in developing training for fishermen.

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