Title: Operational budget for the Ceylon Fisheries Corporation (CFC)

Final project
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Budgeting is considered to be one of the most important management tools to steer an organisation, evaluate its performances and motivate its people. Ceylon Fisheries Corporation (CFC) prepares its annual budget, but these annual budgets are not helping the organisation to survive in a competitive market. Budgets are short lived so they should be studied periodically. In such situations annual budgets are under question for their effectiveness. In Sri Lankan fisheries the fish catches are seasonal and the market is very competitive. In this study an operational budget with monthly breakdowns is introduced. The sensitivity of the total sales prices, total cost of raw material and the salaries to the changes are analysed and studied. Purchase prices and sales prices are the most important influential factors to the profitability of CFC. Using operational budgets with monthly breakdowns will help the corporation to monitor performance, even within a month and managers can take immediate action to operate CFC successfully.

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