Title: Opportunities and options for financing fisheries management in Uganda

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This report examines, from an economic perspective, arguments for introducing cost recovery in the Ugandan fisheries and the type of charges that would be appropriate. It considers their likely implications for the Ugandan fishing industry as well as their impact on the economic efficiency of both the fishery and fisheries management services. In recent years, fisheries management in Uganda has been hampered by a severe lack of finances. Currently, the government provides only 7.8% of the estimated requirements for fisheries management services. A well designed cost recovery system offers the opportunity for a proper financing of fisheries management in Uganda. The study outlines a cost recovery system to finance fisheries management in Uganda. This system, tailored to the administrative structure of fisheries management provision in Uganda, is based on a combination of input, output and access charges depending on the level of government providing the fisheries management services. The study investigates the ability of the system to recover sufficient funds for financing fisheries management and the final incidence of the chargestable of contents.

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