Title: Opportunities throguh value chain creations from low value fish for family owned micro-buisness enterprises in West Malaysia

Author(s): Zakaria Bin Ali
Final project
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The project tried to discover opportunities for value creation from low value short mackerel (Rastrelliger brachysoma) using dried/salted and salted methods which will be introduce to FOMBEs in Malaysia. The systematic Stage-Gate model procedure was used as a tool to select the best species from the available low value fish in Malaysia for the production method of FOMBEs. The decisions to select the best species was apply by using the ABC analysis and weighted matrix with specified criteria and the highest scores will be the selected species to be implemented by FOMBEs. To find the feasibility of the project, the profitability model was used along the planning horizon of 10 years. The results show that FOMBEs are able to gain more than 20% from the investment of equity along the planning horizon, but the project is sensitive to the sales price, sales quantity and the variable cost. Application of knowledge in fish processing and financial prudence will have to be coordinated before profits can be realised. The formation of FOMBEs will create employment opportunities for rural coastal fishermen communities in Malaysia. It is a great opportunity for the Malaysian fisheries sector to form FOMBEs among the fisherman family to maximise the available resources from low value fish. Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (FDAM) can provide the technical assistance to structure the future FOMBEs. With the available financial assistance from the Malaysian government for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and low interest rate, FOMBEs may take advantage of capitalising on producing a quality product from low value fish.

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