Title: Post harvest losses prevention in Iceland and making of a model to be applied in Malaysia

Final project
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This study analyses post-harvest losses (PHL) in Iceland and Kuantan, and points out methods to reduce PHL in Kuantan and Malaysia using the experience of Iceland.

In this study a model for PHL is made for Malaysia based on five common fish species in Kuantan namely mackerel, squid, threadfin, scad and yellow blended scad. The model uses Weighted Index Result to analyse and evaluate the complicated handling activities from the sea to the primary market and an HACCP system to identify critical actions, develop preventive measures and suggest a controlling mechanism.

It is assumed that by following the identified improvement process in Kuantan, the quality and quantity of the fish sold at auction in Kuantan will increase. The volume of fish will increase and the average price will increase resulting in a revenue gain that can pay for the cost of the corrective actions and more. By using assumptions that are considered conservative for the five species, revenue increase in Kuantan can be estimated at RM 3.5 million per year due to higher quality and quantity.

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