Title: Preliminary observations on Nutritional and microbiological changes of hot & cold smoked trout

Author(s): Naereh Besharati
Final project
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Supervisors: Hjorleifur Einarsson
rainbow trout; Iran; Iceland


The objective of this study is to compare nutritional, chemical and microbial changes during processing and subsequent storage at 6° C of hot and cold smoked rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). The fish was smoked using two different methods: cold smoking according to usual procedures in Iceland and hot smoking similar to the Iranian tradition. For chemical variation fat, protein, salt, ash and water content were measured during processing as well as weight changes. Quality changes during storage were monitored by measuring the TVB content and microbial load.

Significant weight and water losses were observed in both hot and cold smoking. As a result, protein and salt increased significantly especially in the hot smoking process. The quality evaluation (microbiological and chemical variation for cold smoked fish) indicated that the fish wasn’t acceptable after two weeks of storage at 6°C. Cold smoked fillet of rainbow trout is more susceptible to microbial spoilage than whole hot smoked fish. Rainbow trout is suitable for hot smoking and has good nutritional value and keeping quality.

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