Title: Process development for production of smoked fish floss products from Atlantic mackerel and Blue whiting

Author(s): Nguyen Thi Hang
Final project
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fish floss; mackerel; blue whiting;


Meat floss is one of the traditional meat products among Asian communities. The popular raw materials are pork and chicken. Nowadays, fish is also a favorable material because of its nutrients. In this study, Atlantic mackerel and Blue whiting were used to produce smoked fish floss with 2% salt and 1% sugar content. The research results indicated the steaming time was 10 minutes for both species and the optimal hot-drying time was 40 minutes for Atlantic mackerel and 60-70 minutes for Blue whiting. After processing, three fish floss products stored at 2-4°C were analyzed for sensory attributes and lipid quality, water activity, colour intensities and total viable counts determined at storage time of 0 week, 2 and 4 weeks to evaluate the quality changes. The lightness went down but the yellowness rose for all products in storage. Regarding lipid changes, the PV and TBARS of two Blue whiting products and also the FFA of almost all samples, were rather stable during storage. However, for Atlantic mackerel product, the TBARS increased significantly during prolonged chilled time while the PV grew rapidly after storage for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, microbial growth and sensory quality, water content changes of all samples were not significant in the chilled storage.

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