Title: Profitability analysis of the investment in beam trawlers for Cuban shrimp fisheries

Final project
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Supervisors: Pall Jensson
profitability analysis; Cuba; shrimp fisheries; beam trawlers;


Since the fishing technology and vessels used nowadays for shrimp catching in Cuba are very old, maximising efficiency and effectiveness in the operation is difficult. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to carry out an overall analysis of the worthiness of purchasing new shrimp vessels in Cuban companies. The results of this research provide the decision makers with tools that form a broad basis on which to make the final decision, that is, whether to invest in the new vessels or not. In order to achieve this objective a profitability model is built to analyse all the data. The model is good for calculating the results and performing sensitivity analysis and risk assessment. In addition, the Analytic Hierarchy Process method was used to support the results, mainly comparing the ships in terms of effectiveness, environmental and social subjects. The results of the case study in Cuba showed that this investment is very attractive. However, sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulation indicated that high risks could be involved regarding mainly a variation in the sales price.

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