Title: Quality assurance requirements for fish markets in The Gambia

Author(s): Isatou Tamba
Final project
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Supervisors: Margeir Gissurarson
quality assurance; requirements; Gambia; fish market;


In The Gambia, majority of fish from various landing sites are sold through fish markets, especially in Brikama which is one of the largest fish market in Gambia. Most fish that is intended for export are handled by the market. For securing the safety and quality of the fish sold at the fish market, it is necessary to have a quality management program in place. This study sought to increase the awareness of food safety in the Gambia through improved fish handling, quality, and safety of the fish product. Existing methods of fish handling in The Gambia were reviewed in consideration of the techniques used in the Icelandic fish market and how they could be applied in The Gambia. The research recommended improvement in fish handling, environmental hygiene, hygienic production of food sources, handling, storage and transport, pest control, cleaning, maintenance, and personnel hygiene to improve the quality of fish products, increasing nutritional value to consumers and profitability for the fish vendors.

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