Title: Quality management on value chain of frozen cod fish processing in Iceland, case study on value chain of frozen Tra catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) processing in Vietnam.

Final project
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Supervisors: Margeir Gissurarson
quality management; cod; frozen; catfish; Vietnam; Iceland; value chain;


The fishery industry in both Iceland and Vietnam have experienced strong and rapid development in recent years with representation is Cod fish wild catch from the sea in Iceland and Pangasius (Tra catfish) raise farm in Vietnam, although there are have the basic different between wild catch and cultured but both of countries have been constructed supply chain from catching to export, especially the cod fish of Iceland had been extremely successful in construction of value chain system become one of the country export cod fish products with very high value in the world. While in Vietnam in many recent years the pangasius farming and exporting activities have many difficulties due the major causes come from stringent requirements of the export markets, this is not only challenge but also is the opportunity mandatory processing companies if want to continue must to change and innovation to meet demand of the markets, not only focus on quantity but also enhance quality, sustainable development and environment friendly by eco-labeling. Although the pangasius product of Vietnam has a significantly position in the international market but cognitive of the customer about organic pangasius image brand is not reality strongly yet, hence the reputation is vulnerable and the market easy impacted.

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