Title: Quality management programme based on HACCP in a cooked shrimp processing plant

Author(s): Vo Thi Thu Huong
Final project
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The quality management system based on HACCP applied in reality to an Icelandic cooked shrimp processing factory and sampling methods and tests to check hygienic conditions of the processing environment has been studied. The results of the study showed that the quality management program based on HACCP is a flexible system. Though HACCP is intended for the control of safety, it's principles can be applied to non - safety hazards such as the prevention of economic fraud or other aspects of food quality. Cooked, peeled shrimp is considered to be a high-risk product. In order to process this product, the hygienic condition of the factory plays an important role. An HACCP program can not be effectively applied if the hygienic condition is not in place. The microbial analysis can be considered as a tool to help the food processors find the reasons for unhygienic conditions in their factory. Microbial analysis can show whether the sanitation program is working to keep food products safe and equipment, utensils, floors and walls clean. This study will provide useful information for Vietnamese seafood processors.

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