Title: Reviewing sampling and data analysis techniques for artisanal fisheries in Liberia.

Author(s): Robert W. Wilson
Final project
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Supervisors: Warsha Singh
sampling; data analysis; Liberia; herring; Atlantic bumper; Atlantic flying fish;


This study attempted to review the sampling and suitable data analysis techniques for marine artisanal fisheries in Liberia using the available data (2013, 2014 and subset of 2016, 2018 and 2019). Three key small pelagic species that compose most of the catch were studied. The process of data extraction and preparation was streamlined. Analysis of variance tests showed some spatial patterns in landed catch. Herring (Sardinella spp.), most commonly caught species, are mainly found in the Western Region of the coastal area. Atlantic bumper is landed mostly in the Western and West Eastern Regions, and Atlantic flying fish is the least caught species among the three and mainly found in the South Eastern Region and were absent from West Eastern Region and part of South Eastern Region of Liberia. A seasonal effect could be seen for Atlantic bumper. Two major types of canoes operate in the fishery. Fanti canoes are larger and catch more fish. The Kru canoes are much smaller in size and catch less. Most of the catch is landed by ring-nets. Fundamental sampling theory was applied to estimate total annual catch. Due to sparse data these estimates are not considered reliable and it is recommended to revise these once more data are available. A number of inconsistencies was noted both in the old and new data collection and storage system, and recommendations are provided to address these, which will help to strengthen the data collection and monitoring of artisanal fisheries in Liberia.

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