Title: Small scale longline fishing technique for the artisanal fishermen in Mauritius

Author(s): Devanand Bolaky
Final project
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Supervisors: Einar Hreinsson
small scale; longline; artisanal; Mauritius;


This study considers small scale longline fishing techniques in Mauritius using boats less than 14 m long. The project identifies requirements in terms of choice of boat, equipment and fishing gear. This study is based on a literature review, collection and evaluation of data from the Mauritius fisheries, and collection of technical data regarding longline gears and boats. The characteristics of four different alternative boats and their operations with regard to longline gears to catching pelagic species were worked out. A tool for technical and economic evaluation of boat and gear options was developed. In this study, it is shown how this tool can be used to evaluate practical options for introducing deep sea longline fishing to the artisanal fishermen in Mauritius. The findings of this project can also be used in developing training curriculum for fishermen in the same context.

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