Title: Storage quality of fresh redfish (Sebastesmarinus) fillets affected by different cooling methods

Final project
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Redfish (Sebastesmarinus); super chilling; slurry ice; combine blast and contact (CBC) cooling.


The effect of pre-cooling prior to packaging by using combinations of slurry ice immersion and combine blast and contact (CBC) cooling technologies on physicochemical properties of fresh redfish (Sebastesmarinus) fillets during processing and storage at -2°C to 2°C was investigated. The cooling treatments did not influence the water content and lipid content of the redfish fillets. Meanwhile, the increase in drip and the cooking yield during storage could be caused by decomposition of the fish muscle. CBC cooling increased the water holding capacity (WHC) of the fillets. Slurry ice immersion of the redfish fillets led to increased lipid oxidation, while CBC cooling slowed down lipid oxidation. According to sensory evaluation skin-on fillets which were processed by CBC cooling technology spoiled faster compared to the other cooling technologies where the skin had been removed.

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