Title: Strategy for the export market of Tilapia

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This paper analyses the commercialisation of tilapia, allowing the export market of Cuban tilapia to optimise its income and to increase the value of the production in the next four years, distinguishing the specific requirements of each market. The wide segmentation that currently exists in the market will vary with the growth of production and consumption and price tendencies will correspond with it. Tilapia has been catalogued as the fish of the new millennium. Observers of this industry assert that originated products of this species will conduct the white fillet in the United States (US) market. The forecasted fillet import will grow at an unprecedented rate. American companies are in the process of expansion, in volume and quality of the product.

If it is considered important to penetrate the US market, it is important to understand the difference between the different fresh and frozen product presentations that are available. Cuba will have to take advantage of its favourable geographic location, consumption growth and the volume of sales.

Current trends in the US tilapia market indicate that Southeast Asia and the American countries are primary suppliers. On the other hand, there is also growing interest in the European market, as shown due to increased consumption.

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