Title: Study of the quality management system and product traceability in a fish processing company

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A field study of the quality system and product traceability was conducted at ÚA, a fish processing company focusing on processing operations and quality control for redfish (Sebastes marinus/mentella). The traceability system from catch until transport to the shipping company was followed and studied, including how the information is recorded and registered in each link. Evaluation of raw material and fillets was carried out, based on data and information collected and on sensory evaluation applying the QIM method. High quality and safe products are the result of an effective quality system. The quality system at ÚA ensures product traceability. It was confirmed that it is possible to trace back and forward the history of the products, when it is well supported by a recording system to register the information in each step of the chain. The QIM is a fast and convenient sensory method for determining the freshness of raw fish.

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