Title: The Chokka squid fishery in South Africa: review of 2005 policy

Author(s): Bongiwe Zantsi
Final project
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Chokka squid fishery; South Africa; evaluation;


The paper embodies an evaluation of the fishery policy and recommendations of the corrective measures that are conducive to the effective resource management and maximization of profits in the Chokka Squid sector in South Africa. The fishery policy is designed to solve a complex set of problems that emerge in the sector. This embodies on the one hand that the fishery policy is directed towards objectives that have their offspring in different theoretical paradigms. Objectives of the policy strive to achieve transformation, investment, job creation, economic viability and conservation at sustainable level. The analysis in the paper shows that the objectives of the Fishery Policy are not fully met. This paper discusses the main reasons and recommends solutions. The paper outlines the major elements in the historical process of the development of the Chokka Squid fishery policy. It is found that the issue of transformation has a lot to do with the formulation of this policy as well as the Marine Living Resources Act (1998), which regulates the fishing in South Africa. In the analysis of the current Chokka Squid fishery policy the paper primarily places its focus on the elements of the policies for conservation, structure and control, their objectives and means. The analysis indicates that the implemented policies do not achieve the goal of preventing poverty in the society.

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