Title: The costs of fisheries management in Estonia

Author(s): Hannes Ulmas
Final project
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The aim of this project is to measure the cost of fisheries management in Estonia. It starts with a theoretical background and then the Estonian fisheries management costs are compared with other countries’ costs.

Fisheries management costs are comprised of research services, management services and enforcement services. Measured per ton of production in 2002, the cost of research services in Estonia was USD 6.7, management service costs were USD 3.5 and enforcement service costs were USD 11.3. Estonian fisheries management costs are relatively low in comparison with other countries.

Compared with other countries the main drawbacks of fisheries management in Estonia are too many landing sites and too many active fishermen given the size of the Estonian fishery. The strengths of Estonian fisheries management system are the implemented ITQ system and considerable rents from the sale of fishing rights.

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