Title: The quality changes and shelf life of thawed rapid and slow frozen whole cod fish (Gadus morhua)

Final project
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Supervisors: Thora Valsdottir


The main focus for this study was to compare and evaluate the quality changes and to determine the shelf life of previously frozen whole cod fishes (Gadus morhua) using rapid and slow freezing methods. Whole cod fishes were frozen to an internal temperature of -18°C using an air blast freezer (rapid freezing) and a freezer (slow freezing) then kept in the freezer at -18°C for two weeks. After which all fishes were thawed quickly at ambient temperatures, cut into slices, air package and store at 4°C for ten days. Chemical, microbiological and basic nutritional analyses and sensory evaluations were used to determine the quality changes and shelf life of the thawed fishes. The data and statistical test (p<0.05) showed no significant differences between the two methods of freezing and sensory evaluations determined the shelf life to have ended after three days in chilled storage.



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